Getting Support

For bug reports and feature requests, please file a GitHub issue.

If you have a question that isn't covered in this documentation, please reach out for help either on Stack Overflow or Gitter

Stack Overflow

The Platform Data Technologies team at Netflix will monitor posts tagged with hollow.


The Platform Data Technologies team at Netflix is often available for chat via Gitter. We hope that you'll stick around and pay it forward by answering other users' questions when they arise.

Contributing to Hollow

We'll gladly review and accept pull requests for Hollow. If you want to have a design discussion for your changes, please reach out to us on Gitter.

Backwards Compatibility

New features in Hollow should always be added in a way that is backwards compatible, except in extremely rare cases when a major version is released.

If you would like to make a contribution which breaks backwards compatibility, please contact us so we can evaluate alternate ways to achieve the desired result, and/or whether to schedule the change for an upcoming major version release.


The core project hollow should have zero compile dependencies, and should only depend on one library (jUnit) as a test dependency. We believe this provides long-term stability for users, reduces licensing concerns, and eliminates the possibility that other project dependencies will be compiled against incompatible versions of dependent libraries.

If you would like to make a contribution which requires a third-party dependency, please contact us before proceeding so we can discuss the appropriate location for the addition.


The core project hollow utilizes sun.misc.Unsafe. Your IDE may treat this as an error. See Issue #5 for how to compile without errors.